Chronic Pain

More and more people are living a hectic lifestyle. Almost everyone is suffering from ailments at early ages. Different kinds of chronic conditions are being seen in a lot of younger people. They are experiencing chronic pain because of nerve damage, back pain, and injuries that have not healed. Majority of the causes for pain are because of occupational reasons as well as an unhealthy lifestyle.

Chronic pain may arise because of:

  • Improper lifting/carrying of heavy objects
  • Poor posture – while sitting, walking or sleeping
  • Obesity – affects the knees and joints
  • Irregular health check ups
  • Lack of physical exercise/unhealthy lifestyle making the body more prone to injuries
  • Improper diet – lack of proper nutrition affects bones and nervous systems
  • Long term Injury

Many occupations are requiring people to work and sit for long hours, have frequently changing work schedules, and eat highly processed food that requires minimal effort to prepare. All of these factors make it difficult for a person to be able to manage their time for recreational activities; something that will help them de-stress, or keep them fit.

For example, a woman who exercises, eats right and sleeps the required 8 hours per day, joins a BPO company because of the high salaries they offer. She has to work night shifts and her work hours keep changing from evening shifts to even midnight shifts. Because of the changes every month, she can no longer get her 8 hours of sleep per day which in turn makes her too tired to exercise. She also finds it too time consuming to follow a proper diet and ends up eating the junk food she can get during her work hours. She also starts putting on weight because of her sedentary lifestyle and becomes depressed. What is worse is that her work as a Customer Service Executive requires her to sit at her desk for her entire shift. In the long run, she ends up getting a slipped disc and suffers with chronic pain every day. How can this be avoided?

It is always best to remember prevention is better than cure. By following a healthy lifestyle, eating right, exercising, maintaining proper posture, and meditating such problems can be avoided.

If you do experience chronic pain despite following a healthy lifestyle, there are painless ways to manage the pain. Regular use of painkillers and other pain prevention medication in the long run take a toll on the body. Advances in pain management now have pain relief patches available which are easy and convenient to use. The patch just needs to be applied to skin and the medication in the patch provides relief from the pain.