Advantages of Transdermal Patches

Transdermal drug delivery system is a desirable form of treatment because of its various advantages. The treatment is convenient, easy and pain-free. There is no need for patients to use messy ointments or be subjected to harsh needles. Topical creams and pills are used differently than patches as the conventional methods are administered more frequently.

Transdermal patches maintain a constant drug concentration which avoids frequent dosing of medication and increased plasma levels. The drug bypasses harsh acidic digestive system that destroys most of the original value of the drug if taken orally. The patch delivery helps avoid this by permitting the drug to be delivered directly into the bloodstream.

Patients need not face any uncomfortableness with first-pass metabolism and GI tract so there is greater compliance with this system, especially when long-term treatment is required. There is reduction of adverse effects of the drugs because the amount of drug present in the bloodstream is less, transdermal patch delivery system enables in achieving higher site-specific drug concentration to exert necessary therapeutic benefit thus giving physicians a safer drug delivery option.

Transdermal delivery also allows multiple dosing. Generally the acceptability of transdermal patches by patients is very high. As a substitute for the oral route of delivery, transdermal patches offer the same concentration of doses to be delivered with a single application. The effects of the drug can be easily terminated via patch removal. The patch also has good flexibility and adhesion and can be used very comfortably.

A few other key advantages of Transdermal patches are:

  1. Dosage Strength -Patches deliver almost 10 times the dosage than oral medication.
  2. Patients can self-administer the patches once educated on how to use them and dispose of them.
  3. The time-release function of the patches allows for continuous release of medication throughout the day. The dose is not instant like in the case of injections or delayed like in the case of pills as their effectiveness depends on the absorption of the medicine into the blood.
  4. The patches are relatively inexpensive and are designed to be bought in batches to deliver the medication from 1-7 days depending on the treatments.