How to apply the Patch?

Here is how to apply a Transdermal Patch:

To apply the patch follow these steps:

  • Cut open the pouch and remove the patch from it
  • Hold the patch so the liner is on the top, facing upwards
  • Bend the edges of the patch away from you so the cut in the liner opens up
  • Peel off the smaller half of the liner
  • Be careful to not touch the sticky surface of the patch
  • Place the sticky side of the patch at the chosen site (which is clean and hair free.) Once in place, press lightly
  • Fold back the other half of the liner and slowly peel off the remaining liner
  • After applying it to the skin, press the patch firmly and hold it for 30 seconds
  • If the edges of the patch lift up then tape them down with a bandaging tape.

Common areas to apply the patch:

  • Upper arms
  • Shoulders
  • Hips
  • Thighs and
  • Back

To remove the patch:

  • Gently pull it off
  • Fold it carefully so the sticky sides stick together
  • Do not apply the patch on the same site again the next day. Make sure to pick another site to apply the patch.